Você está preparado para os desafios de ser uma “maricona”?

Are you prepared for the challenges of being a “maricona”?

One thing's for sure, we'll all be "mariconas" one day. Due to prejudice, the life of a young LGBT+ is already fraught with challenges, but have you stopped to think about the challenges in elderly?
Pabllo em mansão de SP - Reprodução

2 Financial Education Lessons We Can Learn From Pabllo Vittar

One of the richest drag queens in the world, Pabllo Vittar has a standard of living considered "simple" in relation to what his fortune could maintain
fortuna anitta  Foto: Reprodução

A career of millions! Anitta’s fortune is capable of generating R$ 1 million of...

One of the richest women in Brazil, Anitta is earning from the worldwide highlight of her hit “Envolver” and, if she wanted, only with the income from the fortune she already has, she would no longer have to work for the rest of her life

What is the best investment to have R$ 1000 per month of Passive Income?

For this, it is necessary to invest in assets that give monthly dividends. The most common options on the market are Real Estate Funds, Fixed-rate Treasury and Stocks