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In April 2021, already with a consolidated career, Pabllo Vittar went viral when she answered a fan who questioned why drag lived in a simple house in Uberlândia (MG). “I never understood why Pabllo doesn’t buy a mansion. There are singers who don’t even succeed and own a mansion. The drag, which must already be millionaire, lives in a little house” – questioned the internet user.

“I’m happy like this,” the singer replied on Twitter.


The artist, who performs this weekend at the Coachella festival (USA), in October 2021 rented a million-dollar mansion of 800 square meters, in a noble neighborhood in the south of São Paulo, to spend a month.

These two facts are enough to ponder financial education strategies when we talk about money:


Pabllo lives an essentialist life, that is, she knows what makes her happy and accomplishes only what is essential to his life. Living in a family environment full of love seems to be a priority for the artist. “I don’t trade Uberlândia for anything,” she said in an interview with Splash.

Even with a successful career, Pabllo never considered trading Minas Gerais for Rio de Janeiro nor São Paulo, where she usually goes due to work commitments. In the land of Minas Gerais she lives in a simple house with her mother and sister. “It’s for the cozyness. I remember when I got out of college, took the bus and came home. I was going to the club my parents had. That’s so nostalgic for me, that I never want to lose. And there’s my friends from the beginning, always supporting me” she explained.

This shows that the artist does not care about maintaining a high standard of living by social status, she prioritizes an Essentialist life, and financial essentialism is precisely that, defining what is essential for her life and accomplishing through good financial planning and investments.


This is not to say that Pabllo can not have his moments of luxury and live in a three-story property had 800 m² of built area, with swimming pool, large living room with fireplace, four bedrooms, games room, gym, plus a suite with jacuzzi and a large closet.

Living this luxury does not mean that the artist needs to contract a financial liability (the luxury mansion), which would generate only expenses, since she spends most of it traveling on tour. She can rent as soon as she wants and enjoy as many mansions as she wishes.

Pabllo in mansion of SP - Reproduction
Pabllo in mansion of SP – Reproduction

This is a great sign that Pabllo may have a great notion of Financial Education in her life, and instead of buying financial liabilities (expenses-generating assets), which she would not have time to enjoy, she uses her wealth to generate more money.

Anyone who has decided to walk the path of Financial Education knows that being called a “Penny-pincher” is super common, it just proves that you are on the right track. Follow your plans, fulfilling your wishes is more important than others people’s opinions about what is good for your life. Pabllo is not a penny-pincher, it is a super example of financial success!

I’d like to tell you where Pabllo Vittar has invested her money, but I didn’t get that information. Well she could open the game for Bixa Rica, right?! It would be a blast to learn Financial Education from her. After all, drag is already a very million-dollar Bixa.

But while we are not a Pabllo, we can use the Bixa Rica Method, a methodology based on Financial Education, which consists of financial evolution in a four-phase route, being ” Indebted Bixa”, “Poor Bixa”, “Rich Bixa” and “Million-dollar Bixa”. Know that it is possible to reach the Million-dollar Bixa stage.

See the simulation below and realize that through Financial Education and investments you can get there.

Even, you can start planning your Bixa Millionaire phase today. The Millionaire Bixa Worksheet, from the Bixa Rica Method, will help you calculate how much you should invest per month and how long it will take to reach your Million. Request the spreadsheet for free, through WhatsApp here.

Also, do you want to know the best investment to have R$ 1000.00 per month of Passive Income? Read the previous column here.

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O essencialismo financeiro é muito mais do que um estilo de vida, é um caminho para se libertar do excesso, usar o dinheiro com inteligência e ter mais tempo para o que realmente importa