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One of the most asked questions on my social media, whether friends who work as a formal worker or entrepreneurs, is about financial independence (Millionaire Bixa Phase of the Rich Bixa Method). What is desired is to have investments that yield enough to be able to pay the cost of living through passive income. As I explain in 2 of the Rich Bixa Method, in practical terms, active income is that which comes from your work, such as salary, business, freelancer; while the passive comes to you as a result of your investments, without the need for direct intervention. Can you imagine enjoying leisure time with your money working for you? In short, passive income is it!

Within this context, comes the question of the title: where (and how much) to invest so that the person can have the first R$ 1000 of passive income? For this you need to invest assets that give you monthly dividends. The most common options on the market are:

1 – Real Estate Funds

In basic terms, when investing in real estate funds you buy a small part of one or several properties, and with that you earn with the rents and with their appreciation. It is an alternative for those who do not want to invest in an entire property and do not want to take risks.

- BKDR -

Within these funds, we can take as an example the KNCR11, XPML11 and VGIR11 (THIS IS NOT A RECOMMENDATION TO PURCHASE), each costing around R$ 100.00 until the end of this article and the last dividends were around 60 to 70 cents. Therefore, if a person has around R$ 160,000.00 distributed among the three funds, he would already have his R$ 1000 monthly.

2 – Fixed-rate treasury with semiannual interest payments

This does not pay monthly, but every six months. For you to receive R$ 6,000.00, already deducting income tax, you would need an investment of R$ 144,850.00, which would give an income of R$ 7,749.19 which, after deducting taxes and income tax, gives the amount of R$ 6,005.62. For those who are still afraid to invest in Direct Treasury, know that it is considered the safest investment in Brazil, as it is guaranteed by the National Treasury.

3 – Stocks

Let’s say you decide to invest in Taesa (TAEE11), a company that carries out the transmission of electricity (THIS IS NOT RECOMMENDATION TO PURCHASE). Let’s use this company in our example, just because it’s paying out a lot of dividends. However, I emphasize the importance of portfolio diversification, you should not invest all your money in one company.

However, it is necessary to remember that the DY represents the past of the action. That is, although the DY of TAEE11 is currently at 12.4%, it does not mean that it will remain at this level in the future. Anyway, considering the company’s DY and the 1000 reais of monthly passive income that you intend to obtain, which results in 12 thousand per year, you need to invest R$ 100 thousand.

The calculation is: 100,000 x 12.4% = 12,400 or R$ 1033.30 every month. Just remembering that this is a hypothetical scenario, since any change in the company’s profits and in the distribution of dividends would already change the Dividend Yield.

And how to be a millionaire bixa (financial freedom)?

To be a Millionaire Bixa, your investment income must cover your cost of living. That is, if you have a cost of living (sum of all your monthly expenses) of R$ 3 thousand per month, you would reach your Financial Freedom, in the case of the examples above, with R$ 480 thousand in Real Estate Funds, R$ 434,550 thousand in Fixed Rate Treasury and R$ 300 thousand in TAESA shares.

The Millionaire Bixa Phase is when you will be able to work only for pleasure and purpose. Do you want to become a Rich Bixa and, consequently, a Millionaire Bixa? Building a Budget and Financial Planning is the first big step. You can even request the Rich Bixa Worksheet via Whatsapp here.

ATTENTION: The text is for educational purposes, not a purchase recommendation. Never invest all your money in one asset. These rates may change over time.

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O essencialismo financeiro é muito mais do que um estilo de vida, é um caminho para se libertar do excesso, usar o dinheiro com inteligência e ter mais tempo para o que realmente importa