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I’ll tell you a story, you’ll probably identify with it.

In 2021, through a process of self-knowledge, I made the decision to create the Rich Bixa, combining my work as a Financial Educator with the fight against LGBT phobia. I have finally found my purpose in life!

“Ah, this is just a slay attempt”, some said.

Rich Bixa is not about slaying, because only those who have had a life based on suffering violence and prejudice, due to their sexual orientation or gender identity, know how important it is to feel represented, and Rich Bixa is about representativeness. If you don’t feel represented by the project, that’s fine.

“Oh, that’s more bitching”, others said.

Okay, I’m not just going to argue with words, I brought some facts from my life to facilitate understanding and explain why Rich Bixa is so important to me and the LGBTQIAP+ community.

These two photos prove what it was like to have a childhood shaped by a macho and oppressive system, which, for many years, nullified my spontaneity and freedom to be who I truly am.

You know what I heard in those two pictures? “You look like too much faggy, do a man pose”. Soon, I would make this gesture of “strength” with my arms.

The photos show an innocent child, simply being herself, spontaneous, effeminate and cheerful. But when I heard these kinds of comments, I remember very well the feeling of shame and of doing something wrong. This type of (sexist) speech was very common throughout my life, in fact, and common to this day.

Kind of sad, huh? Yeah, that’s a little part of a story full of prejudice that I’ve lived through. Much of what people call “bitching”, is just our struggle to conquer the basics, respect to our identities.

The importance of representativeness for the LGBTQIAP + community

If as a child I had more gay references and felt represented by them, many of the challenges faced would have been lighter, many traumas would have been avoided.

So, I took over a term that has caused me a lot of suffering, the word Bixa (Fag in Portuguese), and created the Rich Bixa. The term Bixa, from Rich Bixa, reinforces the naturalness of being who you are! After all, we’re born, we love to be and we’ll always be Bixas. And even better, with the Method developed by me, now we can be Rich Bixas!

I believe in this type of project and I seek to inspire several professionals to do the same! You who have your area of expertise, what do you think about developing your Entrepreneur Bixa mentality and creating a project aimed at the LGBTQIAP+ community?

The Bixa Rica Method is not an atempt to slay, it is a solid methodology, based on Financial Education

In a world full of patterns of “success” to follow, it is normal that in the universe of Financial Education also try to fit you in miraculous magic formulas, such as the 80×20 rule, for example, as if all people had the same reality, the same dreams, the same knowledge.

The philosophy of the Method is Financial Essentialism, inspired by Greg McKeown’s book Essentialism. Before building your financial planning, you will go through a process of self-knowledge and reflections, where you will define what is essential to your life, what makes your heart vibrate.

In the Rich Bixa Method, the essential for you is what matters! Therefore, you may want to have the stability to own your own home or venture out into the world, which, through Essential Financial Planning, we will organize your finances to realize whatever your dreams are, and eliminate everything that takes you away from them.

The foundation of the Rich Bixa Method is the 3 Pillars of Wealth, which you need to develop to become a Rich Bixa.

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O essencialismo financeiro é muito mais do que um estilo de vida, é um caminho para se libertar do excesso, usar o dinheiro com inteligência e ter mais tempo para o que realmente importa