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According to Forbes magazine, the singer Anitta has a fortune valued at R$ 553 million, that is, according to the Rich Bixa Method, she is already a Millionaire Bixa 553 times. If the artist invested all that money in Fixed Income, in conservative investments that pay 1% per month, as safe as or more secure than savings, she would pocket R$ 5.5 million every month. The singer, one of the richest women in the country, would need just six days to generate R$ 1 million.

Anitta is currently in the spotlight worldwide with the hit “Envolver”. In addition to reaching number one on Spotify globally, Anitta reached the same position last Monday (04) on the Billboard Global 200 list. According to estimates, the Honório Gurgel singer could earn around R$ 800,000 just from playing “Envolver” on Spotify, another form of passive income that the singer has.

Being a Millionaire Bixa and living on passive income is a dream of many people, but reaching that number seems to be something impossible for most people. But is becoming a Millionaire Bixa something so difficult and restricted only to entrepreneurs, artists, football players and Big Brother Brazil winners, for example?

But while we’re not an Anira or a lucky lottery winner, there’s still hope. The Rich Bixa Method has a methodology based on Financial Education, which consists of financial evolution in a four-phase route, being “Indebted Bixa”, “Poor Bixa”, “Rich Bixa” and “Millionaire Bixa”. Know that it is possible to reach the Millionaire Bixa stage.

See the simulation below and realize that through Financial Education and investments you can get there.

You can even start planning your Millionaire Bixa Phase today. The Millionaire Bixa Worksheet, from the Rich Bixa Method, will help you calculate how much you should invest per month and how long it will take to reach your Million. Request the worksheet for free, via Whatsapp here.

Also, do you want to know the best investment to have R$ 1000 per month of Passive Income? Read the previous column here.

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O essencialismo financeiro é muito mais do que um estilo de vida, é um caminho para se libertar do excesso, usar o dinheiro com inteligência e ter mais tempo para o que realmente importa