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Katy Perry released two video-clips this weekend, besides other two that came on August 27th. This time the video-clips were from the songs“Cry About It Later” and also “Tucked”, both in animation and with LGBTQIA+ content.

Cry About it Lateris a tribute to Japanese animations, with simple features and big eyes. Directed by the British illustrator Sykosan, the clip is also a reference to the TV show “Sabrina” and “The Witch”. Katy Perry is a witch that flies in a broom and tells the story of how she changes partners, kisses princes and vampires trying to heal her broken heart. In the end, she kisses another woman with the moon in the background.

“Tucked”is a tribute to the 1950s comic-books and shows the character Dotty (Katy Perry) married to a “broccoli”, and he ends up falling in love with somebody from the same sex that is in the shape of a “candy” and she starts enjoying being a voyeur. This one was directed by Hoku Uchiyama and Adam Bolt.

Until this news publication, “Cry About It Later”had more than 3 million access, while “Tucked”had a million and a half. Both songs are part of the album “Smile”, digitally released in the 28th.

It’s worth mentioning that Katy Perry’s album had mixed opinions from the critics. The Pitchforkchannel, which is a reference in the segment, had a published analysis by Dani Blum and he says that the songs are repetitive and that the “album doesn’t innovate and it’s inadequate, mainly in the pandemic”.

“The clichés are practically a part of Katy Perry’s brand, but when we use them to remember her old songs in a cute way, they present more evidence that she really hasn’t grown up.”

This article is also available in: Português Español

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