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In February 2019, Portuguese filmmaker Antonio Da Silva landed in Cuba to get involved with culture and, above all, men. The country remains one of the least connected places on the internet in the world. Access limitations seem to facilitate these interactions, being described by the director more as a gay telegram system than a chat application.

Antonio Da Silva – Divulgation

In just over 12 minutes in length, the Cubans short film shows several meetings, revealing the country’s sensuality. The film also shows a paradisiacal beach known as Mi Cayito, being considered a gay stronghold, located on the east coast of Havana.

Da Silva says that in Cuba, there is a fine line between gays and heterosexuals: “They tend to be more top than bottom. It is a haven for bottoms”.


“Cubanos” (2020), by Antonio da Silva
Age rating: 18 years

To watch online: on this link.

Sound Design and Editing: Antonio Da Silva
Voice-off: Rodrigo Penalosa
Text: Antonio Da Silva and Isra
Music: E.A.P. Music Productions
Year: 2020
Duration: 12:30

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