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Freddie Mercury‘s ex-boyfriend, Irishman Jim Hutton, who even appeared in the film Bohemian Rhapsody that tells the story of Queen’s eternal frontman, was asked if he was “well endowed” by Mercury when they first met. The information is from the journalist Michael Kehoe to the website Ireland Calling.

Both met at the nightclub “Heaven”, in London, in 1985. Mercury approached him and asked if he wanted a drink. Soon after, he also questioned whether he was well endowed. The answer we don’t know, but they both had a relationship for six years, until Mercury’s death in 1991 from AIDS.

The relationship with Freddie Mercury was turbulent and Hutton once said that he saw him with another man and they both had a severe discussion.

Freddie Mercury asked his boyfriend if he had a big dick when he met him

“He [Mercury] said he did this to make me jealous”– would have said Hutton“Then one day I saw him leaving his apartment in Kensington with another man and we had another argument. I told him that he had a decision to make. And he said, ‘okay’, and he wanted to stay with me. Deep down, I think he wanted to be safe with someone who really looked at him and was not impressed with who he was “.

According to an article on the channel Adventures in History, both used a commitment ring, even though they never made the relationship official to the public.

“We both thought our relationship to be gay was our business”, recalls Hutton.

It is worth mentioning that the Heaven nightclub was founded in 1979 and still exists today, being one of the places most remembered by LGBTQIA+ when traveling to England. Many famous artists passed by, including Geri Halliwell, Janet Jackson, Jessie J, Nick Jonas, and even Pabllo Vittar did a show there in 2019.

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