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After the ignoble episode of the fateful December 25, where Calf ZS (fictitious name) and three other bottoms were abandoned in the rain without being able to have sex, the relationship app SCRUFF issued a warning to raise awareness among gays about hospitality labels.

On Christmas Day, a top guy in the South Zone of Rio de Janeiro had invited Calf, 26, to a meeting in his apartment. However, arriving at the place, the doorman of the building informed that a gay man had already entered and would not receive anyone else. In this way, Calf and three other bottoms were islanded in the place under heavy rain.

In solidarity, around 1pm on Monday, SCRUFF notified all users of the application in Brazil: “Do not bar people in the concierge. What an ugly thing!”. The message also brought the hashtag #SomosTodosBezerroZs” (WeAllAreCalf).

- BKDR -

With the feat, Calf felt more welcomed and retweeted the print of the alert:

Other Twitter users praised the action:

For those who want to remember the drama of the last day 25 with the Calf, click here.

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