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Popline, NAU and Fosfobox release the “Little Square” project, which will feature several editions following the protocols designated by the World Health Organization. The schedule will be made by the Urban Activation Center, Popline and Fosfobox. Each edition with its own characteristics aiming to reach different segments of the night in Rio.

There will be 188 little squares divided into three formats: 4m² – 6m² and 8m², depending on the number of people supported. Another novelty is that the choice and purchase of “squares” will be through an application, the public will be able to choose the desired location just as they already do in the cinema. The general public will be 750 people, less than ⅓ of the total capacity of the 4,500 m² space.

“One of the biggest advantages is to offer a live musical experience in the show format, within the context of physical distance required by the health agencies, each in its own square, proposing a dynamic of live entertainment that is, at the same time, engaging and safe.” – says the release.

The access to “Little Square” is also separated by schedules in order to avoid queues and agglomerations. The entire process will be done through an application, each sector will have an arrival time and exclusive access. Therefore, it is essential that each group of people choose, within the determined time, their arrival. The bar service will be delivery style, there will be no bars or track. Through the application itself, you will receive the commands to order your drinks and food.

Tati Shack Break and Candy Bloco will animate the



Location: Urban Activation Center – Av. Professor Pereira Reis 36, Santo Cristo — 99751-0434.

Fri and Sat, from 10pm to 4am. Fri: from R$ 200 to R$ 600. Sat: from R$ 120 to R$ 420. Tickets are on sale at
Not recommended for children under 18.

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