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On the last October 24, a male escort, Maurício Aparecido Vieira Alcâncata (42), was arrested in the city of São João de Meriti, in the region of Baixada Fluminense, on charges of stabbing a French client in the Ipanema neighborhood, in the Southern side of Rio de Janeiro. Information came from Extra.

The case happened on Monday, October 19, and was registered at the District for Attending to Tourists (Deat). The police is investigating if the victim Claude Arnaud Franck Lahanque (56) was drugged before being assaulted and having his belongings robbed. In addition to that, he is in critical condition at the city hospital Miguel Couto, in the Gávea neighborhood. However, his condition is stable.

Maurício was arrested for stabbing a client (Reproduction)

The investigation indicates that Claude Arnaud met Maurício through the Grindr app and, after some chatter, the accused man went to the client’s apartment, who is a flight attendant, located at Prudente de Moraes Street. After 20 minutes, Alcântara fled the apartment and Claude Arnaud went down the stairs, stabbed and covered in blood, and was rescued by some local residents. It is not known whether the sex service took place or not, but information gathered by O Globo indicates that Claude didn’t want to pay for the job.

“They met through the Grindr app. On the same day, the perpetrator went to the victim’s house and committed this crime. We don’t know if he had been drugged.” – said Patrícia da Costa Araújo de Alemany, head of Deat – “What we do know is that he stayed for a little while in the apartment and fled shortly after committing the crime. As soon as he was gone, the stabbed victim went down the stairs. The French man, at first, has two stab wounds to the chest, one to the neck and one to the back of his head. We will find out if there are more wounds after the forensics results are ready” – she continues, adding that the knife used in the crime was found at Claude’s apartment and the perpetrator’s fingerprints were also found.


In order to leave no trace, Alcântara destroyed the cell phone he used for sex services, but the police managed to track the accused for a period of five days and he ended up arrested at a friend’s house. Apparently, it wasn’t his first crime.

“This suspect had committed other crimes in the last three years. He sets up a date with the victims, both men and women, and commits this kind of crime. The clients are stabbed and he runs away – said the police chief. In fact, Alcântara had already been arrested before for the same crime – “He is bold. It was a really violent crime which might lead to the victim’s death. He ran away from the place he used to live in order not to get arrested. However, in a little less than a week we responded. This kind of crime will not remain unresolved” – she completed.

Claude will stay in Brazil until November 15. While Alcântara is in custody for attempted robbery and murder and, if convicted, he might face up to 20 years in prison.

This article is also available in: Português Español

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