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An Australian Christian couple who believe that being gay is a sin is taking a foster home to court for “religious discrimination”, reports the English daily Daily Mail.

Byron and Keira Hordyk, from Perth, applied to Wanslea Family Services to become adoptive parents in January 2017. A formal assessment was initiated and the couple, who have their own children, were asked how they would react to an adopted child identified as LGBTQI. The Hordyks spoke openly about their devout Christian beliefs and indicated that homosexuality is a sin that can be resisted.

The couple also suggested that they could help the child overcome his sexuality, adding that his beliefs would not hinder his ability to care for an adopted child.

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In September 2017, the Hordyks received a letter from Wanslea saying their application was denied because they did not meet one of the five competencies defined by the Communities Department for foster caregivers – providing a safe living environment.

The couple’s case will be heard by the president of the State Administrative Court, Judge Janine Pritchard, next month. Wanslea tried to get the case closed.

“Christian point of view”

“We feel that we have been discriminated against and we also feel that if we were silent about it and didn’t say anything about it, it could harm or limit the promotion of anyone with the same Christian values as ours”, Mr. Hordyk told The West Australian.

“We have traditional Christian views on how the Bible teaches us about sexuality and marriage.”

“We have stated this from the beginning. We are not here to hide behind it. Everyone – especially with a controversial issue – is afraid of being placed in the realm of public opinion in a negative light. And my beliefs are strong enough that this be my cross. “

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