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Keeping his promise to have a diverse White House staff and office, President-elect Joe Biden named Carlos Elizondo, an openly gay man, as his new White House social secretary. The news is on the Queerty website.

Metro Weekly reports that Elizondo, born in Texas, will become the first openly gay and Latin person to serve as social secretary for the White House. Elizondo had previously served as social secretary to Biden and the new first lady, Dr. Jill Biden, during her years in the Obama administration.

In addition, Elizondo served as senior director of Presidential Events at Georgetown University and Manager of Special Activities and Protocol at Walt Disney World.

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Elizondo and her longtime boyfriend – whose name is often kept out of the press to protect their privacy – live in Washington DC.

Carlos Elizondo’s appointment as social secretary of the White House comes less than a day after the Trump administration’s announcement that it would proceed with the transition to the Biden administration, despite Trump’s repeated (and unfounded) allegations of mass electoral fraud in 2020 Election. Elizondo is, so far, the highest-ranking openly gay officer appointed in the new administration, although he is almost certainly not the last.

Karine Jean-Pierre, the openly lesbian chief of staff to Vice President-elect Kamala Harris, was strongly tipped to win the post of White House press secretary. In addition, Mayor Pete Buttigieg – one of the most expressive representatives of the Biden campaign – is expected to also get a key management position.

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