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Pastor Davi Goés, leader of the Canaã Ministry, in Fortaleza (CE), and supporter of Jair Bolsonaro, said that the CoronaVac vaccine reaches DNA and will cause diseases such as cancer and that a French scientist (without mentioning the name) would have said that there is even “HIV within it”.

“You will not feel anything, but after a while, diseases will appear” – says the religious – “Many people will die of cancer thinking it was because they ate something, because it was hereditary, but in fact it is because of the vaccine” – he adds, adding that no country in the world is buying the Chinese vaccine, except the governor of São Paulo, João Dória (PSDB).

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“Whether you agree with me or not, there is a crazy president there saying that in Brazil nobody will be forced to take it, because if it were someone else, they would say everyone will take it. Since the vaccine is coming, don’t make me take it, I take it if I want to, because I don’t have the courage to take a vaccine that comes from China, the country of origin of the virus, it’s crazy “ – concludes the pastor.

Davi Goés‘ speech is a liar, because in addition to the São Paulo government, Turkey and Indonesia also bought doses of the vaccine and should start immunizing later this month. Chile is already conducting tests with CoronaVac, but without establishing a purchase contract.

Bolsonarista pastor swears to God that coronavirus vaccine has HIV

UOL made an extensive article explaining that the vaccine does not have the capacity to change the DNA of vaccinated people and that everything is just conspiracy theory.

“Vaccines for covid-19 that are approved for use in Brazil and worldwide will not alter the DNA in vaccinated people, causing genetic defects, cancer, mutations that can be passed on to the next generations, nor marking their cells with the Number of the Beast or erasing the genes that supposedly make people believe in religion or feel attracted to the opposite sex (yes, those last three rumors have been circulating on certain wheels). “

With information from Catraca Livre.

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