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The hashtag #RecordRacista entered the trending topics of Twitter by the program “Fala Que Eu te Escuto” to have associated the singer Beyoncé with “black magic”.

In the article aired by the broadcaster, a case occurred in 2019 in which Beyoncé’s former drummer Kimberly Thompson went to court against the singer saying that she would have practiced witchcraft and killed her cat. In the images shown by Record, there were scenes from the feature film “Black is King”, which exalts African culture and was directed and written by her.

“There are a lot of people getting involved with ‘dark magic’, including famous people” – commented Bishop Adilson Silva during the program exhibition – “An obscure practice, famous worldwide for the sacrifice of lives. In Brazil, many crimes have already been motivated by ‘dark magic’ “– concluded.

Record evangelical program associates Beyoncé with

“Tremendous irresponsibility, as there are a number of viewers who may think this is it.” – said an internet user on Twitter identified as Ly “Beyoncé is talking about African culture [no filme Black is King]. In addition to being uninformed, they are racist and religious intolerants “.

“In the middle of 2021, a public concession channel presents an article that demonizes African cultures, accusing Beyoncé of practicing ‘dark magic’, and saying that this term means supernatural practice for evil” – said the councilor of PSOL Luana Alves on Twitter – “It has no other name than racism” – he concluded.

The problematization is due not only to the fact that she chose Beyoncé to illustrate the report, but also to associate “dark magic” and the death of animals with religions of African origin.

It is worth mentioning that the feature film Black is King has been available on Disney+ since July 31, 2020 and tells the story of an African king separated from his family in an unforgiving world. He subsequently goes on a journey “through betrayal, love and self-knowledge” to regain his throne, using the guidance of his ancestors and his childhood love. The story is told through the voices of black people today.

This article is also available in: Português Español

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