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The United States’ far-right conspiracy theory, QAnon, the one responsible for breaking into the Capitol in early January, disclosed on Telegram that they believe the COVID-19 vaccine to make people gay. The information is from reporter Shayan Sardarizadeh on Twitter.

“Two of the biggest QAnon channels on Telegram, with 180,000 and 56,000 members respectively, have endorsed the conspiracy theory that vaccinating children increases the likelihood that they will identify themselves homosexual or transgender later” – said Sardarizadeh.

One of the QAnon members said: “Let’s believe that [ser homossexual] is genetic for a minute. Since homosexuals are unable to procreate and have their own children, their genetics are not passed on. Since it is against continuing life, if homosexuality is a dominant gene, it needs to be recessive “.

Capitol invaders say covid vaccine makes people gay

The same post also uses the argument of having homosexual friends to validate the discourse about vaccines: “I have many homosexual friends who said that they knew they were gay since they were young children. When was your earliest memory? 4 years? You have already received more than 50 vaccines in 2020. If it is a genetic problem then the number [de LGBTs] should be decreasing, but it is only increasing, indicating that the environment is leading in that direction “.

Another post shared by Sardarizadeh of another member of the Capitol invaders said: “This is the reason why we have so much gender confusion in our youth. Research how they put hormones and alter DNA with their vaccines. They put more than 50 vaccines in children since birth.”

It is worth remembering that in January, Israeli Orthodox rabbi Daniel Asor also said that the Covid-19 vaccine “could make him gay”, and that it involves an evil plan that includes the Illuminati and Bill Gates to spread the virus.

This article is also available in: Português Español

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