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The owner of the hypnosis clinic in the Federal District, Gabriel Henrique de Azevedo Veloso, who promised treatment for “homosexuality” (sic), gave testimony on Monday night (9), informs the G1.

On the internet, the company Hipnoticus said that the service, which cost R$ 29,990, would generate results in six months.

The practice of sexual reversal therapy, known as “gay cure”, is vetoed by the Federal Council of Psychology (FCP) and, in 2019, it was suspended by the Federal Supreme Court (FSC).

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The case is investigated by the Special Police Station for the Suppression of Crimes for Racial, Religious Discrimination or for Sexual Orientation or Against the Elderly or Disabled (Decrin). According to delegate Ângela Maria dos Santos, Henrique de Azevedo “denied that he had the intention to discriminate against any group of people”.


To G1, Henrique told on Sunday (8) that he has been working in the area since 2007 and stated that the case “was a misunderstanding”. He said that “the word homosexuality [sic] has a negative connotation and has already been removed from the site”. The report tries to contact him on Tuesday. The word is no longer used by specialists due to the suffix -ism, which refers to the disease.

“There are people who seek this type of treatment, it is not forced on anyone. There is no gay cure, no phobia and no prejudice, quite the opposite. The homosexual client who wants to be treated can be treated without changing their sexual orientation, it was unfortunate because of the term “, said Henrique to G1.


The investigation is to verify if the hypnotherapist has a professional record and if there was fraud in the conduct of the investigated. “With the evidence, the police will check whether or not there was a fraud, necessary for the classification of the criminal type, as illegal exercise of the profession and crime of homotransphobia”, says Ângela Maria dos Santos.

According to district deputy Fábio Felix (PSol), chairman of the Human Rights Commission of CLDF, the House will activate the necessary organs for the clinic to be investigated.

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