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The former presidentFernando Collor de Melo answered to Eliseu Neto‘s tweet, legislative assessor of Cidadania party, and the columnist of GAY BLOG BR about a supposed romance with the stylist Pierre Cardinin the 70’s decade when Collor wanted to be a model.

The rumor started when a Facebook post from the screenwriter Waldir Leite on December 29th, 2020, the day that the stylist died.

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“PIERRE CARDIN HAD AN AFFAIR WITH FERNANDO COLLOR – When Collor de Melo was elected president, Pierre Cardin, when he found a Brazilian friend in Paris, commented: ‘I’ve had a lot of sex with your new president’. It all happened in 1973, during the recordings of “French Joana”, in Alagoas. At the time Cardin was married to the French big movie star Jeanne Moreau. Enchanted with Cinema Novo’s success, the actress accepted the invitation of the film-maker Cacá Diegues to play a movie in Brasil Mais, precisely in Alagoas, the native land of the director. And the famous French stylist decided to produce Cacá’s movie, the history of a French madam that receives as her inheritance from one of her clients a cane mill in the state’s countryside. The arrival in Alagoas of the great Pierre Cardin and the divine Jeanne Moreau provoked a true frisson in the local society. Everyone was dazzled by the presence of those international celebrities in the state. At the time Fernando Collor was a handsome 23-year-old man, a member of the rich and traditional Alagoas family. Dazzled with the presence of the international jet-set stars, the young man wanted to participate in the movie production. And he was contracted as the producer’s personal assistant. When he saw that handsome boy, willing to do anything for the Brazilian cinema, Pierre Cardin chose him to be his personal assistant. Kind of the producer’s handyman. The young Collor was dazzled with this opportunity. After all, at that time, Cardin was a fashion icon. An international griff. One of the young Collor’s attributions was to act as Cardin’s driver. It was him who took Cardin to get to know the cane fields in Alagoas that would be the location for the shootings. This way, when Jeanne Moreau filmed scenes and scenes with Cacá Diegues, the stylist Cardin was enjoying love adventures with the young Fernando Collor in cane fields in Alagoas. This way, in the arms of that handsome native, it was Cardin that felt like he was “French Joana”. Cinema is the biggest fun”, wrote Leite.

When he was mentioned in the replies, Collor said: “Buddy, unfortunately for you, it’s only fake news. I’m not a homosexual and I’ve never been, but Pierre Cardin would have been a great choice for sure. Best regards”

Fernando Collor denies romance with Pierre Cardin


To the invitation of movie director Cacá Diegues, Pierre Cardin came to Brazil to join the shooting of ‘Joana, the French’, a movie that was launched in 1973. During the recordings in Maceió, Cardin got to know Collor, student and model aspirant. According to GQ Brazil, Pierre stayed in Collor’s house and loved Brazil: “When he was a student, he wanted to be a model, we shooted in Maceió. I was in his house and later I found him in Japan and he was Brazil’s president”, said the stylist in an interview to Rede Globo, in 2011.From mannequin to Brazil’s president It’s extraordinary!”, said Pierre.

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