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The film “I wasn’t born to be discreet”, by Rio de Janeiro filmmaker Alek Lean, is competing in the Mejor Película Cotometraje Extranjera category at the Queer Internacional Film Festival to be held from November 11 to 19 in Playa del Carmen, Mexico.
This is one of the largest and most important LGBTQI film festivals in the world. This year films from 27 countries are competing in various categories. Alek’s short film tells the story of 4 effeminate young people who report how difficult it is to be effeminate in a macho society and protest by parading with women’s clothes proving that being feminine is not being inferior.
The film has already been selected for dozens of festivals worldwide and won the award for best actor for Jonathan Fontella (the same as for the play Oboró Masculinidades Negras) at Fest Film OL Brasil 2020. After the festival, the film will be shown on TVE in Rio Grande do Sul during the I Festival Cinema Negro in Action and then on the SpcinePlay platform.
I wasn’t born to be discreet” is a film that shows four young people who talk about the difficulties of being an effeminate person in a macho society, being criticized by the most masculine gays. Currently, the feature is available for free on SP Cine Play and, to watch, you can click here. The feature film will be available until January 16, 2021.
It is worth remembering that the film was one of the most voted at festivals in Spain and the United States, where it was one of the three finalists of the Audience Awards.


I Wasn’t Born to Be Discreet (APAN)
2018 | Brazil | 15 minutes
Nacional HD
Documentary, Short film
Starring: Diogo Granja, Jonathan Fontella, Marlon Rocha, Rycher Juan Direction: Alek Lean

SYNOPSIS: Young people representing descendants of blacks, Orientals, Indians and Jews talk about how difficult it is to be effeminate in a macho world even in the LGBTQI environment where there is a certain requirement to be discreet in order to be able to relate affectionately and have a good relationship in society in general.

To watch, click here.

This article is also available in: Português Español

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