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Amazon Prime has announced that it will produce the documentary “Steelers” exploring the first gay rugby team, “King Cross Steelers”. The premiere will be on April 16 in England and the information is from Pink News.

Steelers focuses on three central figures of the team: Nic Evans, a lesbian woman who trained the team and had to face several episodes of misogyny; Simon Jones, who fights his own demons after he came out as a gay man and Andrew McDowell, who is a drag queen who inspires others to be who they are.

The production also marks the debut of former player Eammon Ashton-Atkinson as director. He says: “This story is not just for rugby fans, or even for gays. It is a story for those who feel they do not belong anywhere or are not living the life they want” – he said.

“I hope this film will inspire people to try something they were once afraid to try (…) If this documentary helps a person who is suffering from their mental health, or helps someone in the LGBTQ+ community feel where they belong, then do everything this movie will have been worth it “ – completed.

“Being there [na equipe King Cross Steelers], playing rugby, showed not only that gay men can be good players in sports” – said Eammon “but it could be that neither you nor I [sendo gays]. It really did the world good by breaking these stereotypes “ – completed.

First gay rugby team wins exclusive documentary on Amazon Prime

The “King Cross Steelers” team was formed in 1995 when the rugby scene was purely dominated by teams with straight men. Precisely because of its inclusive nature, most players are members of the LGBTQIA+ community.

It is worth remembering that former Australian rugby player Dan Palmer said that he never spoke openly about his homosexuality because he would rather die than someone at least suspected that he was gay.

This article is also available in: Português Español

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