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In an interview with the French magazine TÊTU, the French Secretary of State for European Affairs Clément Beaune talked about his sexual orientation. Now openly gay, he speaks of an “additional responsibility” to fight against state homophobia in Poland and Hungary. But he refuses that his struggle can be summed up in sexual orientation.

“The beatings, violence, rejection, exists in 2020. Saying my sexual orientation today is not indecency or staging intimacy”, declared the minister on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of TÊTU. In just three months in the ministry, Clément Beaune left his mark within the government. “As Secretary of State for European Affairs, I have an additional responsibility. I have to fight to spread tolerance“, he said.


Badly named, Clément Beaune denounced in France Inter the “LGBT-free” zones in Poland, after months of silence by Jean-Yves Le Drian, foreign minister. He announced his intention to go to one of these areas in early 2021. “I will support one of the associations that defend the right to abortion”, he adds.

“I come from a family where people were deported because they were Jewish, just two generations ago. It resonates with me. However, I would not like to be told that I am fighting the zones. ‘Free from LGBT’ because I’m gay. It would be an insult to say that I am fighting this fight for myself “, he said.

70% of LGBT+ Poles have suicidal thoughts

In Poland and Hungary, the situation of LGBT+ people is more difficult every day. Governments in power have implemented an openly LGBTphobic policy. LGBT+ activists call on European institutions to protect them. Margot, a non-binary activist who has become a symbol in Poland, announced that “our research shows that 70% of LGBT+ Poles have suicidal thoughts” before going to an SOS.

“When we joined the Union, we signed the treaties and gave our agreement to respect for human rights, equality, freedom, the rule of law. These values are not respected by Poland today. One answer must be financial: it is one of the most effective tools “, MEP admittedly gay Robert Biedrón told TÊTU.

Este post também está disponível em: Português Español

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