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The documentary “Carta Para Além dos Muros” gets a compact version made to be made available in the classroom. The documentary will be made available on the streaming platform VideoCamp from February 25th, through the institutional support of UNESCO and UNAIDS BRAZIL, sponsored by Gilead Sciences Brazil and Ítaca.

HIV documentary “Carta Para Além dos Muros” is made available to schools
Dr. Rico Vasconcelos – Frame/Disclosure

The new version aims to expand access to the documentary, that narrates the trajectory of the epidemic that it opened up ignorance and prejudice in relation to HIV and AIDS in Brazil. Directed by André Canto,the film investigates stigma, prejudice and discrimination as products of a society that insists on keeping people living with HIV marginalized – until today, almost 40 years after the first diagnosed case, situations of fear, insecurity and exclusion are recurrent in people living with HIV.

Today we know that the epidemic, despite important scientific advances in treatment and prevention, has grown among adolescents and young people (15 to 24 years old), as pointed out by the Ministry of Health’s 2020 Epidemiological Bulletin on HIV/AIDS. Every week 6,000 young people are infected with HIV worldwide, this vulnerability among teenagers is a global trend, this group is the only one where the epidemic continues to advance with a relative risk 50% higher compared to other age groups.

The documentary, the first of its kind to redo the chronology of HIV and AIDS in the country, heads the project #PrecisamosFalarSobreIsso (#WeNeedToTalkAboutIt), which also has a documentary series for TV and a book-report that will report the entire process of its research and realization

In the film, the teenager Caio tells about when he discovered that he lives with HIV, a moment from which he had to face his own ghosts, in addition to the prejudice of family and society. Using Caio’s testimony as a guiding thread, the film starts to insert archival images and interviews with doctors, people living with HIV, activists and public figures, not only to tell the story of HIV and AIDS in Brazil, but also to to investigate the process of building prejudice and stigma that still falls on Caio and all people living with the virus today – ranging from the denomination of the disease as a “gay plague” at the time of its emergence, through the stigmatizing classification of “groups risk ”, to the sensationalism on the part of the press, in addition to moral and religious judgments in the course of the epidemic.

Dr.Dráuzio Varella tops the list of people who give testimonials in the film. Besides him, the ex-minister of Health José Serra, the filmmaker and ex-VJ Marina Person, the mother of Cazuza, Lucinha Araújo, and the doctors Ricardo Tapajós, Márcia Rachid and Ricardo Vasconcelos, explain the reasons why the impressive evolution in the medical and scientific response to HIV has not been accompanied by a change in mentality and prejudice in relation to infection.


  • Movie: #PrecisamosFalarSobreIsso – Carta para Além dos Muros
  • Launch: February, 25th
  • Platform: Videocamp


  • Brazil, 2020, 54 min, indicative rating 12 YEARS
  • director: André Canto
  • assembly: Ricardo Farias
  • script: André Canto, Gabriel Estrela, Gustavo Menezes and Ricardo Farias
  • photography director: Carlos Baliú
  • original soundtrack: Roberto Prado
  • audio editing: Camila Mariga and Cauê Custódio
  • mixing 5.1: Rodrigo Ferrante
  • direct sound: Rafael Alves Ribeiro
  • motion design: Rafael Terpins
  • post-production supervisor: José Francisco Neto, ABC
  • color grading: Ely Silva, ABC
  • technical consultancy: Ricardo Vasconcelos
  • production director: Larissa Barbosa
  • executive production: André Canto and Gustavo Menezes
  • co-producers: Gabriel Miziara and Gustavo Menezes
  • associated producer: Marcos Arzua Barbosa
  • produced by: André Canto

Este post também está disponível em: Português Español

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