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On September 19, the psychology student Pascoal Oliveira (25) was reprimanded by a security guard at the “Big Bompreço” supermarket, part of the Walmart group, at the Itapuã neighborhood, in the city of Salvador, for wearing tiny shorts.

In response to this, on Thursday afternoon (24), dozens of people went to the establishment for an act of protest called “Ocupação do Shortinho” (“Tiny Shorts Occupation”). The deputy Fábio Felix shared a video of the protest on his Instagram:

“A Walmart/Big Bompreço security guard felt entitled to humiliate @qualfoipascoal only because he was wearing tiny shorts. The security guard told him that “men” don’t wear shorts like those. So the LGBT community of Salvador city went there and occupied the place to protest against the supermarket’s discrimination. Enough with these stereotypes and outdated gender roles!”, he wrote.


According to Pascoal‘s report on social media, an employee tried to prevent him from entering the establishment for wearing “tiny shorts”. In a video recorded by the student’s friend, the security guard says that he needed to wear another kind of clothing because he was a man.“Because up until now you are a man. You are a man and you have to fix these shorts. Up until now” – said the security guard.

Pascoal questioned if “a man cannot wear tiny shorts” and the security guard answered that he should be “well-dressed”, using the argument that there were children at the place.

“But why are the women in here wearing tinier shorts than mine?”Pascoal questioned and the security guard argued one more time that he should wear other kind of shorts because he was a man.

The Big Group issued a statement on the website UOL to explain that the security guard was a contractor and that he will be removed from his job.“The fact occurred at Itapuã’s supermarket is unacceptable and does not correspond to the company’s procedures and values”, they said.

“The company is reaching the client, putting itself at his service for all the necessary assistance in this moment. We reiterate that we do not accept situations like this and reinforce our apologies” – says the statement.

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