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LGBTI+ candidates elected in 2020 received 450,800 valid votes according to a survey carried out by the Vote With Pride program, of the National Alliance LGBTI+, reproduced by the Metrópoles website this Monday (16).

The data show that 48 people from the community were chosen for the positions of mayor and councilor and 93 for alternates.

The party that elected the largest number of LGBTI+ people was the Socialism and Freedom Party (PSol), with 25% of candidates chosen. Then came the Workers Party (PT), with 22.7%, and the Democratic Labor Party (PDT), with 2.3%.

According to the website, the states that most elected people of the acronym were Minas Gerais and São Paulo. In Belo Horizonte, the capital of Minas Gerais, voters chose Bella Gonçalves (PSol), Duda Salabert (PDT), Gabriel Azevedo (Patriota) and Iza Lourença (PSol) to occupy the posts of councilor.

Bella Gonçalves/ Reproduction

For the vacancies in the City Hall of São Paulo, names like Erika Hilton (PSol), Fernando Holiday (Patriota), Keit Lima (PSol), Luana Alves (PSol) and Thammy Miranda (PL) were elected.


Brazilians elected at least 25 trans people in this year’s elections, according to the National Association of Transvestites and Transsexuals (Antra), out of a total of 294 candidates. The number is more than triple that registered in 2016, when eight trans people were elected, out of a total of 89.

Erika Hilton/Reproduction

# Vote LGBT!

GAY BLOG and Scruff encouraged the choice of LGBTI+ candidates in this year’s elections, through the publication of articles and interviews and with lives on social networks. A list of candidates was constantly updated.

One of the interviews was with professor and activist Renan Quinalha, about the power of the LGBTQI+ vote: “I think LGBT people, they have more difficulties. I think we have seen a process that is very interesting and beautiful, of LGBT people joining political parties, of LGBT people running for candidates. We know the difficulty, the effort that it requires you to lend yourself to being a candidate for an elective office, the amount of energy, time, emotional resources, financial resources that it requires, of talking to people and everything. So, reinforcing the call of the Scruff Brasil, that we need to vote for LGBTQIA+ people. “

Renan (above), on GAY BLOG live / Reproduction

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