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Cuban psychic Mhoni said on the program “Agora Contigo” that Maluma is bisexual after reading the singer’s conversations on WhatsApp through the “force of the mind”. According to her, the artist would be secretly dating Jennifer Lopez and, at the same time, would be in a relationship with a man.

“Maluma is bisexual. He’s dating a person from Colombia who’s also a singer.” – said, adding that he fell in love with Jennifer Lopez because “she’s 51 years old”.

The seer’s comment is quite controversial, especially since Maluma clarified a few months ago that he is straight.

“If I were gay, I would have talked about it” – he said at the time – “For those who say I’m gay, lend me your girlfriend, and let’s see what she says.”

Maluma is bisexual, guarantees psychic who claims to have read his Whatsapp with the power of her mind

Maluma denies romance with Ricky Martin

Comments questioning Maluma’s sexual orientation are not recent. In 2017, there were some rumors that both would be in a relationship. At the time, he told the Mexican magazine “Fama” that he is straight and said that he was sorry for the questions.

“If I was gay, of course I’d hook up with Ricky Martin, he’s very talented,”he said. Ricky Martin is married to Jwan Yosef. There are also rumors that Jwan was very jealous of this story and asked Ricky to cancel the duets of “Vente Pa’ Ca”.

Before starting his musical career, Malumatried to be a football player, playing for 8 years in a row. He came to play in the base divisions of important teams in Colombia such as Atlético Nacional and La Equidad. In an interview with El Universal, Maluma said when soccer left his life: «[…] ” The time came when things in soccer were getting very difficult, [and] some doors were closing, but in music, many were opening up.” Therefore, at the age of 17, Maluma decided to enter the Music Industry for good

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