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Javier Berain will be the first gay and self-declared effeminated man to take on the commandant’s job in the police department of Mexico City. The announcement was made last December 9th.

He will be responsible for condemning more than 800 members of the Rodoviary Police. The functions include the realization of auditory processes to fight corruption and guarantee more efficiency in public investments.

“It’s an honor to be the first open person in the LGBTI+ community to get the commandant function in the Mexico City police” – said Javieron Twitter, considering that in the social network he declares himself as “gay, effeminated and socialist”.

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The Subsecretary of Human Rights and Sexual Diversity of the city hall affirmed that Javier’s inclusion will be excellent to contribute to a more inclusive Police.

Mexico chooses an assumed gay man for a commandant's job

Mexico state criminalizes “gay cure” and imposes penalty of three years of prision

The last Tuesday, October 20th, the Mexico State deputies, the one that has the biggest population, changed the penal code and prohibited sexual conversion therapy, popularly known as gay cure. The information comes from the CCNchannel.

Those that break this law in Mexico State can take up to three years of prison, 25 to 100 days of community work, and they will have to pay a fine. The penalty is even more rigorous to those who have an affective bondwith the accused one, as a member of the family, increasing it by 50%. To obligated minors to the practice will also be aggravating. The approval of the law was done in a virtual session and it had the support of many different parties.

By the law project of deputy Beatriz Garcia, the prohibition of “sexual conversion therapy” includes psychological, psychiatric, or other diverse treatments that have the goal to nullify, complicate or debilitate someone’s sexual orientation expression or gender identity.

It’s important to say that Mexico State is the most populated one in the country, with over 14 million inhabitants.

Mexico City criminalizes


In 1999, in Brazil, the Federal Council of Psychology published a resolutionabout homosexuals. In the document, the Council avoidedmeasures that forced gays and lesbians to go through “non-asked treatments”. The information come from Joaquim Leães de Castro’s blog.

In September of 2017, however, a Distrito Federal judge determined that psychologists could treat gays and lesbians as sick people, and they could do “sexual reversion” therapies without suffering from any kind of censorship by the class councils. He attended to an action moved by an evangelic psychologist that had the professional register impeachedfor promoting “gay cure”.

The council insisted that this kind of treatment represents “a violation of human rights and it doesn’t have any scientific basement”. Since 1990, homosexuality is not considered a sicknessanymore by World’s Health Organization.

In December, the same federal DF judge changed the decision that allowed the “gay cure“. The decision came to foresee that homosexuals “in conflict” can be supported, but that psychologists cannot advertise the treatments. The Federal Council of Psychology recurred of both decisions.

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Jornalista formado pela PUC do Rio de Janeiro, dedicou sua vida a falar sobre cultura nerd/geek. Gay desde que se entende por gente, sempre teve desejo de trabalhar com o público LGBT+ e crê que a informação é a a melhor arma contra qualquer tipo de "fobia"