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This year, the Superior Electoral Court (TSE) allowed transsexual candidates and candidates to use their social name to apply for the positions of councilor and mayor. Taking advantage of this opening, Miss Trans 2018, Gabriella Bueno (35), applied as a councilor for the PSDB, being a historic milestone for the party and for her, who for the second time is running for political office.

Born in São Paulo, Gabriella was elected Miss Trans in 2018, is a Civil Engineering student at Anhanguera University, which has always been her father’s dream, and is also studying Public Management at Uninove.

This year, she served as technical director at Transcidadania, a São Paulo City Hall program for social reintegration and citizenship rescue for transvestites, transsexual women and trans men in vulnerable situations. Gabriela was also one of 22 candidates who signed the Letter of Commitment for Migrants, written by 39 collectives and civil society institutions.

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Miss Trans Gabriella Bueno runs for councilor in São Paulo

With the support and help of her family, the candidate for councilwoman left her home at the age of 17 in search of her dreams and it was in the city of São Paulo that she managed to achieve a good part of them. That is why it understands that the city is a place where anyone can exercise citizenship in a democratic and more humane way. That was what led her to run for the PSDB in São Paulo.

Gabriella Bueno gained repercussion in the media in 2017, when she was elected Miss São Paulo and was in charge of representing the state in Brazil. The following year she won the national title and, after winning, she said that she is a militant who wanted to fight for trans causes.

“Participating in Miss Brazil Transex was a wonderful experience, to be an even better winner. I am a militant. I intend to fight for trans causes. In which it has been achieving positive and successful visibility. Today we have trans women: doctors, engineers and teacher. And we are fighting and we are going to have a representative in the legislature. After all, our world revolves around public policies ”- said at the time.

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