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Brazilians elected at least 25 trans people in this year’s elections, according to the National Association of Transvestites and Transsexuals (Antra), out of a total of 294 candidates. The number is more than triple that registered in 2016, when eight trans people were elected, out of a total of 89.

By PSOL, Linda Brasil, 47, got a seat at the Aracaju Chamber, in Sergipe. She will be the first trans woman to hold a political office in her state, with 5,773 votes.

“For me it is historical and also a very big responsibility, because I am representing a community that has always been excluded. So, it is very important that we occupy these spaces, not occupy for the sake of occupying, but that we cause important changes in this policy ”, he told G1.

Linda Brazil / Reproduction

For the first time, voters in São Paulo chose a trans and black woman to occupy the position of councilwoman in one of the 55 seats in the City Council. Erika Hilton (PSol) was elected with more than 50 thousand votes.

Thabatta Pimenta, 28, was elected councilor in the municipality of Carnaúba dos Dantas, in Rio Grande do Norte. She is the first trans woman elected and the 8th most voted in the city, with 267 votes, by PROS.

In Belo Horizonte, Professor Duda Salabert (PDT) counted almost 32,000 votes with 85% of the ballots counted. She is the first transsexual to occupy a seat in the legislature of the capital of Minas Gerais.

Thabatta Pimenta/ Reproduction

Trans people elected in 2020

1. Thabatta Pimenta – PROS – Carnaúba do Dantas / RN

2. Linda Brazil – PSOL – Aracaju/SE

3. Duda Salabert – PDT – Belo Horizonte/MG

4. Maria Regina – PT – Rio Grande/RS

5. Lins Roballo – PT – São Borja/ RS

6. Benny Briolly – PSOL – Niterói/RJ

7. Erika Hilton – PSOL – São Paulo/SP

8. Gilvan Masferre – DC – Uberlândia/MG

9. Thammy Miranda – PL – São Paulo/SP

10. Carolina Iara – PSOL Feminist Bench – São Paulo / SP

11. Kará – PDT – Natividade / RJ

12. Filipa Brunelli – PT – Araraquara/SP

13. Isabelly Carvalho – PT – Limeira/SP

14. Anabella Pavão – PSOL – Batatais/SP

15. Paulette Blue – PSDB – Bom Repouso/MG

16. Regininha Lourenço – AVANTE – Araçatuba/SP

17. Lorim de Valéria – PDT – Pontal/SP

18. Tieta Melo – MDB – São Joaquim da Barra/SP

19. Paulinha da Saúde – MDB – Eldorado dos Carajás/PÁ

20. Rebeca Barbosa – MDB – Salesopolis/SP

21. Titia Chiba – PSB – Pompeu/MG

‪22. Samara Santana – PSOL – Peripheral Quilombo – São Paulo / SP

23. Brenda Ferrari – PV – Lapa/PR

24. Dandara – MDB – Patrocínio paulista/SP

25. Yasmin Prestes – MDB – Entre-Ijuis/RS

Este post também está disponível em: Português Español

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