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The singer Pabllo Vittar will participate in the podcast De Fora Pra Dentro to discuss about the drag universe and to explain how the quarentine affected her daily life. Alonside with her there will be the psychiatrist Harley Machado and the dermatologist Thiago Cunha, who will present the program. The idea is to explore the intersection between mental health and self-esteem, in addition to their impacts on the formation of subjectivity.

Vittar will comment on her new routine, since in the isolation she has more time to take care of herself, in addition to reviewing old issues and reflecting on many matters that formed her personality. Besides that, she will also talk about the challenges of keeping her skin healthy despite frequent use of makeup and about how social isolation has imposed the need for new care in her personal and professional life.

Other matters will also be covered in the podcast, including her childhood, how she saw LGBTQIA + at that time, and what changes have been made at society so far. She will also talk about the cares with her health, since she has been taking more care of her eating habits, has stopped smoking, and is preparing herself a lot.

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The podcast “De Fora para Dentro” is produced by Pod360, the largest podcast hub in Brazil, and is available on the main streaming audio platforms every Thursday with a new episode. It’s possible to access through this link.

It’s worth mentioning that the drag queen recently received a message from the k-pop group Blackpink along the north-american Selena Gomez inviting her to listen to the song “Ice Cream”. Vittar shared on Twitter.

The drag said that she’s a huge fan from this group and said in another tweet, by answering a friend:“I’m trembling until now, my desire was to come here and to show you on time so that we could scream together”.

Ice Cream” released on the last friday and there’s already 147 milions visualizations.

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Jornalista formado pela PUC do Rio de Janeiro, dedicou sua vida a falar sobre cultura nerd/geek. Gay desde que se entende por gente, sempre teve desejo de trabalhar com o público LGBT+ e crê que a informação é a a melhor arma contra qualquer tipo de "fobia"