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Pornhub announced on December 14 that it removed millions of videos from unverified users on its network. With that, about two thirds of the videos are no longer on the channel.

This happened because the company MindGeek (owner of Pornhub) is being investigated because part of its revenue comes from showing criminal content, such as pedophilia, sexual exploitation, rape and even porn revenge. The complaint was made by The New York Times.

“This means that all content available on Pornhub is verified, being a requirement that platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Snapachat and Twitter must also still institute” – said the channel in a statement.

According to the Vice channel (via Pink News), the number of videos fell from 13.5 million to 4.7 million only on Sunday and, on Monday, 2.9 million videos are on the air.

Pornhub removes 2/3 of videos after accusation of improper content

Pornhub also says that their channel is being used as a “scapegoat”, considering that other important channels also have illegal content.

“In the past three years, Facebook has reported 84 million child abuse related material. In the same period, the Internet Watch Fountation reported 118 incidents on Pornhub. 118 is still a lot, and we are committed to taking the necessary actions. But it’s clear that Pornhub is being attacked not because of our policies and how we compare our peers, but because it is a platform aimed at adult content “ – said Pornhub.

The statement also states that the attacks are carried out by organizations that want to ban contents that are considered “obscene”.

“They are the same forces that have tried, over 50 years, to demonize Playboy, the National Endowment for the Arts, sex education, LGBTQ rights, women’s rights, and even the American Bookstore Association. Today, it is attacking Pornhub”– says the statement.

Pink News points out that in the United States there are some Christian evangelical organizations that are fighting for pornography to be banned from the country, citing Exodus Cry and also the National Center on Sexual Exploitation.

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