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Queer singer Grace Baldridge (30), who uses Semler’s stage name, took first place on North American iTunes on February 9 with the Christian song “Preacher´s Kid”. The information is from Huffpost and SoJourners.

“I remember that I never imagined that I could be a Christian artist. I remember I knew that. When I was 14, I used to imagine being on stage with Relient K [banda de rock] at the Cornerstone Music Festival “ she said to Huffpost.

She says she thinks it is “surreal” to have managed to reach the first place, surpassing established artists in the Christian branch of the USA, like Lauren Daigle and Chris Tomlim.

Queer singer takes first place in the Christian category on iTunes

“It’s so exciting and encouraging” – he told Huffpost – “I wonder what it would mean to me when I was 13 or 14, to see a queer artist talking about being queer and struggling with her faith and having faith in God and going crazy with God sometimes. I am very grateful to be part of this inclusion movement within the [cristã] faith community that is highly exclusive. “

Semler also says he hopes the album’s popularity in the Christian music industry will show executives that queer people exist in this segment, and deserve dignity and respect.

“There are so many people who fall into this category. We are talking about pure culture, we are talking about white supremacy and racism, about anti-LGBTQ+ sentiment”, she said.

Even as a child, he revealed to the family that he had a different sexual orientation and was part of the acronym LGBTQIA+. Contrary to what could be imagined, she was welcomed by her parents, since her father is a pastor of the Anglican church and, within his community, there was a lot of tolerance and respect for different people.

She ends by saying that her project is an invitation to Christians who avoid LGBTs people to “talk to us and get to know our humanity and existence”.

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