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It’s not only ‘Buraco da Lacraia‘ in Rio de Janeiro that suffered after pandemic effects. Located at Nossa Senhora de Copacabana Avenue 1417, in a region known as ‘Copanema’, TV Bar will also close its doors due accumulated damage during coronavirus pandemic. The statement came today, on the nightclub’s official page in Facebook.

“It has been 10 years of survival, resistance, acceptance and a lot of work in order to renovate and renew the Carioca night. We were bold, we were straight; we broke the rules.

In many times, we got it wrong and we got it right. But we always carry extravagance and lust in what we brought to he public. It has been 10 years of extravaganza and alcohol, a lot of alcohol. We always had love in our veins when it comes to our work. With the pandemic, we were paralyzed. And suddenly, everything stoped. And one of the most affected areas was entertainment.

So, we officialy announce that our party ends here. We understand that in this  job, things will only be good if we AGGLOMERATE. We stopped because our activity is not yet officially aloud to operate, coupled with mismanagement, without support for small business and like many, we were forced to close our doors.

We thank you with all our hearts for the affection we received in these 10 years of activities, support from our customers and friends, all of the gang that made our sound, this amazing team and our managers – who were our legs, arms and eyes in 90% of the time.

We are grateful to have lived 10 years so intensely. Thanks to everyone who was part of this TV Bar family but from this day on, we will be the TV Bar that made history on LGBTQI+ night in the most wonderful city that is our Rio de Janeiro. Thank you all for the support. Here we stay. Kisses.

Greg – Felipe – Ronaldo”

tv bar


The TV Bar was opened on december of 2009, in the same spot that used to be the headquarters of TV Rio, hence the inspiration for the name. According to the official site, the club “excels in the comfort and well-being of visitors, besides offering a modern and unusual enviroment, where we can highlight the futuristic decor of bathrooms and lounges, refined areas full of bossa.” The place was known for its pop parties and also for having days when the weather heated up, with the “Hole” party. Performances were also frequent on the club.

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