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A British professor at Rokeby School in Canning Town, Robert Headley, was dismissed from the school after his professional colleagues found out that he had posted videos on YouTube with discriminatory content, one of which said that LGBTQIA+ has the “Satan DNA”. The information is from Pink News.

In addition to prejudice against LGBTs, he also said in another video that “Jews, scribes, and Pharisees are devilish” The channel also contained conspiracyist content, such as the defense of flat Earth and that the man was not on the moon.

After the dismissal, Headley sought the court and, in his defense, said he was teaching “other perspectives” and that he was being discriminated against and persecuted for his religious convictions. However, the court concluded that his speech was not about opinions, but hate speech, based on an orthodox Christianity.

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Teacher gets fired from school after saying LGBTs have “Satan DNA”

Many videos of the teacher were filmed in the classroom, with a whiteboard visible in the background and the school logo. When confronted by another teacher, Emma Hobbs, he deleted the videos that were taking place within the school environment, but continued to create content. That’s when Principal Doyle was alerted and conducted an official investigation to fire him.

“Seeing a member of our team making derogatory, divisive, hateful comments about LGBTs and the Christian community on a public platform makes me anguished, upset, and sad”, Doyle said “I’m comfortable with who I am, but I’m concerned about the effect these views may have on younger people, such as students and family members”, she continued.

Interestingly, Rokeby School is engaged in England‘s LGBT+ activism and promotes inclusive teaching. Activists have issued a note saying that Headley’s case makes it clear that school must be a safe place for LGBT youth to discover themselves and protect themselves from discriminatory beliefs.

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