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The LGBT National Union (UNA) from the city of Joinville, in the north of the state of Santa Catarina, presided by Giovanna Lima, issued a repudiation statement against the homophobic attitude of a neighbor who sent a note underneath the door to complain about two men who were walking holding hands in the building’s common area.

“We will always repudiate any form and any demonstration of LGBTphobia. It is very sad that such a simple and beautiful act as holding hands is seen as disrespectful just because it comes from a homoaffective couple” – said Giovanna, according to G1.

For those who don’t know, the makeup artist Felipe Alves (26) received a note from an anonymous neighbor on September 11, containing the following words: “Hello, neighbor. Piratuba Condo is a family place. We respect all people and we don’t mind what anyone does inside their own house. But this week I had to explain to my little son why two men were walking holding hands at the parking lot. A little respect, please.“. The note was written with a pen on a sheet of notebook paper.

The LGBT Association from the city of Joinville issued a repudiation statement regarding the case of a homophobic note that was sent against two neighbors who were walking holding hands

The couple didn’t file a police report, however the police chief Eduardo Ferraz explained that an act of discrimination occurred:

“What we can conclude, by the content of the note that is being analyzed, is that there has been an act of discrimination and prejudice based on sexual orientation. The note subscriber argues that the commission of a determined act, which, in this case, is holding hands with your partner in public places, is only allowed and acceptable when done by a determined social group, such as people who have heteroaffective relationships, and that it should be prohibited for people from another social group, such as people who have homoaffective relationships, said the police chief.

In solidarity with the two men, a heterosexual couple that lives in the same building in Joinville, Fábio Rodrigues (39) and Geovana Colzani (29) put up an LGBT flag in front of their house as a sign of support.


“We heard about what happened when Charles, the building manager, sent an audio via the Whatsapp transmission that every resident of the building gets. Like many others, we were surprised and outraged. So Geovana decided to hang an LGBTQ+ flag over the curtains, intending to show Felipe, as well as the person who wrote the homophobic note and other building residents that, just like there is prejudice, there is also solidarity and support in this building”, explained Rodrigues, who lives in the place for seven years.

In an interview with Universa, the Joinville makeup artist said that he got surprised to receive support from unknown people, especially from heteronormative families.

“I was insanely impressed. I expected to receive support from the LGBT community and that’s it. But I got texts from a lot of mothers, fathers, elderly women also sent me texts. I got very happy”

This article is also available in: Português Español

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