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The evangelical pastor chosen by Bolsonaro for the Brazilian Ministry of Education, Milton Ribeiro, recently gave an interview to the newspaper Estadão, saying that young people’s homosexuality is due to “dysfunctional families”, causing a negative impact on social media as well as within the government.

Ribeiro says that primary schools’ curriculum should be revisited in order to promote changes regarding sexual education, considering that the subject is used to encourage gender discussions and this “is not normal”, referring to sexuality as an “option“.

“I respect the option you have, as an adult, to be a homosexual, but I don’t agree with it”, also saying that he has certain reservations regarding the presence of trans teachers in classrooms.

“The teenager that most times choose to walk the path of homosexuality (sic) only does it because they don’t have their father’s or their mother’s attention. These are matters of values and principles”.

According to information gathered by the Brazilian magazine Isto É, the senator Fabiano Contarato (from the Rede-ES party) will go to the Federal Supreme Court so the minister will be investigated for homophobia. David Miranda (from the PSOL-RJ party) will request some action on part of the Prosecution Office.

“In this “dysfunctional” government, being a homophobic criminal is a requirement!”, said Miranda, on Twitter.

The President of the House Education Committee in 2019, the deputy Pedro Cunha Lima (from the PSDB-PB party) also made an statement and said that associating sexual orientation and gender identity to “dysfunctional families” is an “inconceivable prejudice “. “It’s a backward mentality and so sad to see in such a relevant position”.

The deputy Felipe Rigoni also took a stand regarding the minister’s LGBTphobic speech, saying that “it is irrelevant if the student or the teacher is homosexual. The Ministry of Education doesn’t have to get in the middle of it.”

Priscila Cruz, executive president of the non-governmental organization Todos Pela Educação, said that Ribeiro’s speech is a severe functions deviation, considering that he uses the position of Minister to defend personal points of view, encouraging a culture of intolerance.

“It authorizes students to question if they want to have a transgender teacher or not, as if it were something legitimate.”

Vitor de Angelo, vice president of the National Council of Education Secretaries (Consed), says that the minister “changes the focus” when talking about the students’ and teachers’ sexual orientation, and the senator Mara Gabrilli (from the PSDB-SP party) said that he lacked “empathy” in “spreading prejudice against the LGBTQIA+ community”.

Este post também está disponível em: Português Español

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