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Brazilian communication vehicles fell for a prank elaborated by the site Bok Daily. Similar to the Brazilian satirical portal Sensacionalista (“Sensationalist”), however made for clickbait purposes, a story about a man in Florida, in the United States, who would have ejaculated during a prostate exam, and consequently would have shot the doctor who performed the procedure twice in his chest, was invented.

Doctor Knows Best
“Doctor Knows Best”, movie produced by Next Door Buddies – Reproduction

Other “news” created by the site Bok Daily are really creative, such as “Doctor offers psychiatric evaluation for those who believe that Covid-19 is caused by 5G“; “A couple lost at sea claims to have survived by drinking female orgasms“, etc.

The story’s author, who signs the text under the name of Amelia Mills, still hasn’t returned the call made by our newsroom department. The website’s only available social media is its Facebook page, with 23 likes, containing the slogan: “No sources, no facts”.


There isn’t a direct association between men having “anal pleasure” and their sexual orientation. What characterizes a gay man sexual orientation is the simple fact of him feeling sexual desire and attraction for other men, be them top, bottom, versatile, gouinage, etc. Despite being something very simple to understand, society itself turns something that should be easy into something complicated.

The anus is an erogenous zone with many nervous terminations that give pleasure to any person, regardless of their sexual orientation. Therefore a straight man can feel pleasure with his girlfriend/wife by stimulating this region in many different ways.

Este post também está disponível em: Português

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Jornalista formado pela PUC do Rio de Janeiro, dedicou sua vida a falar sobre cultura nerd/geek. Gay desde que se entende por gente, sempre teve desejo de trabalhar com o público LGBT+ e crê que a informação é a a melhor arma contra qualquer tipo de "fobia"