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Women on Twitter in Brazil are plural and move the platform in search of quality information and connections.

According to a survey by the microblog, 47% of women who use Twitter declare themselves black or brown, 2% yellow and 1% indigenous. Another 2% preferred not to report, while less than half (49%) identified themselves as white.

As a consequence, the content on Twitter reflects this diversity. More than half of the women interviewed are interested in communities that address issues about women and gender (61%), including also preserving the environment (43%), LGBTQIA+ (30%) and black (25%) communities, and motherhood (22 %).

In order to engage with these communities, most of them use the platform to follow news (80%) and funny Tweets (70%) related to the community to which they belong; follow or participate in conversations and trends about them (70%), connect with other people (68%) and follow leaders / influencers in your community (67%).

Women on Twitter seek to interact on gender, race and sexual orientation

In addition, the majority of respondents (59%) believe that Twitter has more content about the communities with which they identify in relation to other services. For these women, the platform provides more freedom, less judgment, more diversity of opinions and easier and faster interaction.

In general, women who are on Twitter seek to update themselves on what is happening in the world (90%) and share their thoughts, opinions and experiences (78%). According to the interviewees, Twitter:

• Breaks barriers between different communities (71%)

• It is a place where they can be themselves (70%)

• Allows your community to create its own narrative / speech (69%)

• It brings people together in the communities (68%)

Twitter also took advantage of the International Women’s Day, celebrated on March 8, to carry out the #Wearewomen campaign with the aim of highlighting the most diverse ways of being a woman.

The platform also reports that it has an exclusive emoji, visible when Tweeting with the hashtag, to stimulate conversations on the topic.

This article is also available in: Português Español

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