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Ex-participant in the reality show Bake Off Brazil, Murilo Marques, was drugged, raped and robbed inside his own apartment in São Paulo, with an estimated loss of R$ 40,000. The information was gathered by the news portal Inside the Middle.

The case occurred on October 21 when Murilo, who has lived in Copan for about a year, invited an application guy to stay with him. At first, the assailant said he was a call boy and that he would not have sex without getting paid, and then the tension started.

“I didn’t drink anything and I didn’t use anything. I believe I was doped during oral sex” – he said Murilo to Renan Oliveira’s channel. “He started to get excited saying that he wanted to receive his money, this dialogue took place and I found it more and more difficult to organize my ideas, already imagining that I was drugged” – he says.

Murilo says he was punched in the face, was forced to pass the passwords on the cards, and also had his cell phone stolen. In addition, the call boy also wanted to force Murilo to smell a white powder that the former Bake Off Brasil participant believes to be cocaine, but because of the situation, there was no way to force him. Soon after, he was thrown on the bed and raped.

Ex-Bake Off Brazil is drugged, raped and robbed in his apartment
Photo: Gabriel Gabe

“I believe he raped me to dope me, then I’m sure I was doped (white powder) by the anus” – I told Dentro do Meio, adding that after the attacker left, he managed to ask for help from his boyfriend (both have an open relationship) and a friend. Shortly thereafter, he opened a police report and took the exams to prove the violation.

Murilo Marques wanted to make the case public so that banks are under pressure to help him recover his savings. In addition, both he and her boyfriend had bought an apartment in Ipiranga and the money taken was part of the payment for the property.

“I am not asking to make money, I just need them to return what is mine and was taken from me during a crime” – he said on social media.

Este post também está disponível em: Português Español

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