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U.S. President-elect Joe Biden is showing more signs that his administration will be more diverse, unlike his rival Trump. The Democrat appointed veteran transgender Shawn Skelly to his transition team. Skelly will take care of the work on the Department of Defense, one of the key posts in the United States.

With that indication, says the LGBTQNation website, Joe Biden shows that he will fulfill a promise of his campaign: to overturn a Donald Trump law that prohibits transgender people from serving in the armed forces. More than once, in interviews during the campaign, Biden said this would be his first move as president of the United States.

Shawn Skelly/ Reproduction

There is more LGBT in the future government of Biden

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In addition to Skelly, Biden appointed Dave Noble, who is openly gay, to manage the task force that will handle the transition around NASA. For the Justice Department transition, the president-elect named Chai Feldblum, who is a lesbian activist who has already fought several fights with the religious right.

Biden is keeping his promise

Before becoming the official Democratic Party candidate, Joe Biden was not favored by the LGBT movement because of his conservative background. Throughout the primaries and, later, throughout the campaign, Biden was asked what his stance on the LGBT agenda would be, and the president-elect said he would be an ally. At least for now, the US president-elect is keeping his promise.

Chai Feldblum/ Reproduction

Very different from Trump

Refusing to leave power, his antagonist, Trump, has had four years of troubled relations with the LGBT community. At the end of the campaign, his wife Melania was criticized for saying that Trump was a supporter of the cause. The video yielded memes and protests on the web.

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