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By using the famous “xuquinhas” (term used to refer to the scrunchies used by the TV presenter) in her hair and arriving in the studio with a spaceship, Xuxa has conquered a legion of fans in the ’80s and remains, until today, as one of the most famous faces – and names – in the world. In Memórias, she doesn’t hide herself: she talks from childhood – and the terrible abuse she has suffered -, famous relationships (such as Pelé and Ayrton Senna), her sudden fame at Globo with Xou da Xuxa, the polemics, besides her activism for the animal cause and for childhood rights, Sasha’s birth, until the present days.

Picture: Brunno Rangel

In this work published by Globo Livros, Xuxa writes without mincing her words and with an open heart. The pages are filled with facts, impressions, feelings. And shows that not everything in the life of a star of her magnitude is glamorous: she talks about losses and the hard work to get where she is. “Each individual is unique. And I can only talk about what I lived. What I think. Who I am. And what gifts I had in my journey. I don’t have a therapist, so who knows if these next lines will work as a therapy?”, she says, in the beginning of the book.

Rita Lee, the first person to read Xuxa’s memoirs., points out precisely the TV presenter’s honesty: “Reading Xuxa’s memoirs is like watching a movie about a Hollywood actress who started out in life working hard and fate wanted her to become a superstar goddess. Getting to know the details of her adventures, which, by the way, she writes with courage and honesty, I understand better this stunningly beautiful woman and the not always easy moments she has been through”, says the rock queen in a part of the text she wrote on the book’s flaps.

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Memórias also comes with another surprise: more than 100 pictures chosen by Xuxa, many of them unpublished and from her personal archive. The cover was also designed by the TV presenter, who will donate the book’s royalties to the Aldeia Nissi project, in Angola, and to sanctuaries of animals rescued from abuse in Brazil.

Title: Memórias
Author: Xuxa Meneghel | Pages: 272 | Size: 16X23cm
ISBN: 978-65-5567-015-8 | Price: R$ 44,90

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