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Until March 25th, the Curta Woofs exhibition, promoted by SCRUFFapp, offers eight free Brazilian productions with LGBT+ thematic. Curated by André Fischer, founder of the MixBrasil Festival and responsible for the Diversity Cultural Center, the themes explored in the works mix sexuality, aesthetic languages and groups. Each of the shorts films was produced in different states of Brazil and presents different aspects of the daily life of Brazilian gay men.

The short film “Alano” (2018), by Henrique Oliveira and Silvio Leal, brings the story of Miguel, a middle-class gay filmmaker who decides to have fun in a bar. There he meets Alano, played by Erom Cordeiro, who realized that he could take advantage of his appearance to earn money from prostitution. Desires and frustrations emerge from this encounter, since Alano’s search for pleasure is in contrast to Miguel’s search for company. Within this context, the film emerges as a story of mismatches where the characters metaphorize the social contrasts that paradoxically come together in the possibilities that the night offers. In the narrative, desire plays a central role in highlighting inequalities and their inevitable consequences, such as loneliness.

To watch the film in full and for free, just enter the SCRUFFapp and go to “Events” in the “Explore” tab.

Erom Cordeiro plays a male prostitute in
Erom Cordeiro plays a male prostitute in “Alano” – Disclosure


“Alano” (2018) Brazil – 23′
March 23th to 25th
In SCRUFF app – in “Eventos” in the “Explorar” tab.

Erom Cordeiro as Alano – Disclosure

Director: Sílvio Leal and Henrique Oliveira
Script: Sílvio Leal with Allan Ribeiro Technical Consultancy
Cast: Erom Cordeiro, Sílvio Leal, Magdale Alves, Wagner Volpone, Otávio Cabral, Lorena Barbosa, Tamylka Viana, Nego Love and Joelle Malta.
Figuration: Adolfo Morais, Luiza Leal, Acássia Dêlie, Edinir Aprígio, Pan Plata, Erasmo Bandeira, Maria Clara Araújo, Leonardo Amaral and Polly Lins.
Assistant Director: Laís Lira
Script Supervisor: Vanessa Mota
Photography Director: Henrique Oliveira
Camera Operation: Antony Graber, Henrique Oliveira
1st Camera Assistant: Felipe Graber
2nd Camera Assistant: Alan dos Anjos, Gaffer, Edner “Careca”
Electricians: Moab Oliveira, Raoni Barros, Alan dos Anjos
Making of: Isaías Maximiano, Leopoldo Castro, Hugo Antunes
Still’s Photography: Gabriel Moreira, Jacqueline Oliveira
Art Direction and Costume Design: Lyara Cavalcanti
Art and Costume Design Assistant: Lucas Cardoso
Cenotechnical: Nathaly Pereira
Direct Sound Technician: Emmanuel Miranda
Direct Sound Assistant: Luiz Paulo
Executive Production: Felipe Guimarães
Production Director: Karenina Magalhães
Production Assistant: Antônio Ugá
Makeup Artist and Hairdresser: Josete Leandro
Mixing and Mastering: Emmanuel Miranda
Original Soundtrack: Wado
Assembly and Colorization: Henrique Oliveira
Cast preparation: Henrique Oliveira, Laís Lira
Vocal Preparation: Gabriela Sóstenes

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