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Last Thursday, December 17, policeman Guilherme Lazo Solano Neto was found guilty of slander and defamation by Xuxa Meneghel, reports Leo Dias’ column. The military would have used his social networks to demoralize the presenter and his recent children’s book, “Maya: baby rainbow”, whose plot brings a baby son of two mothers and whose mission is to spread love.

In the decision, the judge cites that “the right to criticism is not unlimited and cannot be understood as an authorization to offend personality rights”. The police officer is also expected to retract publicly. The amount in kind of the indemnity was not disclosed, but it will be donated by Xuxa to philanthropic institutions, as well as the income from the sale of books.

The presenter of Rede TV Sikêra Jr., pastor Silas Malafaia, former senator Magno Malta and Carla Zambelli are also being sued by the presenter for different reasons.

Xuxa Meneghel is nominated for the POC AWARDS 2020

This was a year that the presenter Xuxa Meneghel took a strong stand in defense of the LGBT+ community. The gaucho spared no criticism of Jair Bolsonaro, paid homage to drag queens, published a children’s book that addressed diversityand used her social networks countless times on a variety of issues that threatened individual freedom. All his achievements earned Meneghel the nomination at the Poc Awards, 2020, an award promoted by the GAY BLOG BR portal.

Xuxa competes in the “Aliados” category alongside a lawyer who taught her to cancel a contract with Smart Fit and a mother who painted her house with the colors of the LGBT+ flag to honor her son. Voting for the Poc Awards, 2020, is open and the result will be announced on December 24th. To vote, just enter the link

Este post também está disponível em: Português Español

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