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In recent days, singer Anitta began to publicize images of her new work, entitled “Girl From Rio”. With a visual identity created by Giovanni Bianco, who has in his resume works with Madonna, Versace, Vogue and Dolce & Gabbana, one of the photos ended up becoming a meme, where the singer appears on top of a plastic chair in front of a bus.

Anitta Girl From Rio
The singer Anitta – Reproduction

Fanbases and internet exhibitionist started to make Anitta’s image“Girl From Rio” an excellent backdrop for photos in the feed:

Girl From Rio Workshop

With the meme, the graphic designers of the GAY BLOG BR newsroom were overwhelmed with so many requests from friends for that favor of recreating the image. As a measure to contain excess orders, we offer a free workshop:


Save the image of the scenario below, which will serve as the base/background.

Save it!
Save it!


Choose the photo you want to include in the montage and go to Click “Upload” and select your photo. The site will automatically remove the background from your photo, leaving you alone in the spotlight. Then just click on “Download”.


To make the collage, go to the website, click on “Send Photo” and upload the base (photo of item 1). Then click on the “Advanced” tab and select the “Overlay Image” button. On the left side will appear the field for you to upload your cropped image; select and click “Upload”. Then just adjust the position of your image! / Reproduction / Reproduction

To save: in the left column, click “Apply” and then “Save” (floppy icon). “Save Image Local” will appear. And that’s it! :)


Another picture to play with:

anitta meme Bus newspaper
Ouch! – Reproduction

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