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The BBC reported on Monday (7) that a 61-year-old woman living in Nebraska, in the United States, gave birth to her own granddaughter as a surrogate for her son and his husband.

Cecile Eledge gestated the daughter of her son Matthew Eledge and his husband, Elliot Dougherty, giving birth to granddaughter Uma Louise last week.

She said she made the proposal when her son and Dougherty said for the first time that they wanted to start a family.


Cecile Eledge, who was 59 at the time, said her suggestion remained a kind of joke among the family at first, not a realistic path to follow.

“It just seemed like a very beautiful feeling on her part”, Dougherty told the BBC. “She is such a selfless woman.”

But when the couple, who live in Omaha, close to Cecile and her husband, started looking for options for having a baby, a fertility doctor said it could be a viable alternative.

She was taken for an interview and a series of tests, all of which gave the surrogate the green light.

“I am very careful with health,” she said. “There was no reason to doubt that I could carry the baby.”


With Eledge supplying the sperm, Dougherty’s sister Lea was the egg donor.

Dougherty, who works as a hairdresser, said that while heterosexual couples may consider IVF as the last resort, for them it is the “only hope” for a biological child.

We always knew we had to keep an open mind about this” , added Eledge, a public school teacher.

Cecile Eledge said the pregnancy was smooth, the regular symptoms simply “increased a little” compared to her previous pregnancies for her three children.

Este post também está disponível em: Português Español

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