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The Minister of Education, Milton Ribeiro, rejected the agreement offered by the Attorney General’s Office (PGR) that could free him from opening an investigation for homophobia in the Supreme Federal Court (STF). For that, the minister would have to admit that he committed a crime by saying, in an interview with Estadão, published in September, that “homosexuality (sic)” is “the result of maladjusted families”. The statement prompted the PGR to request the opening of an investigation in the Court, reports the website Terra.

In a statement sent to the Supreme Court on Thursday (26), Ribeiro officially announced that he refuses the proposed settlement and asks for the case to be closed. The minister also reiterated “his firmest apology, ever made publicly, to anyone and everyone who has been offended by the words he has spoken”.

The admission that the minister committed a crime of prejudice against homosexuals could be interpreted as a contradictory sign by the Bolsonaro government itself, which is trying in the Supreme Court to “relativize” the concept of homophobia.

Milton Ribeiro/ Reproduction

The possibility of an agreement was offered by the deputy attorney general of the Republic, Humberto Jacques, to the minister on September 25, the same day that the agency asked the STF to open an investigation. On the last 5, in a letter obtained by Estadão, the deputy attorney general informed the attorney general of the Union, José Levi, who had questioned the holder of Education about “any interest in entering into a non-criminal prosecution agreement”. In the message, Jacques asks again if there is interest in accepting the proposal.

Guilt admission could create wear and tear

Jacques also gave the government a period of up to 10 days to comment on the agreement, which has not happened so far. Estadão found that an eventual admission of guilt could cause political wear and tear on the image of the MEC holder and the government itself.

Sought, AGU said it does not comment on “ongoing legal proceedings.” Asked why Ribeiro rejected the agreement, the Ministry of Education did not respond.

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