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The Colombian Methodist Church of Bogotá, the capital of Colombia, has an openly gay Christian pastor who “preaches” the word of God and performs social work for people with different sexual orientations.

The banner of Jhon Botia Miranda, 31, is that all people govern themselves and that is why, every Sunday, without fail, he opens the doors of his congregation to talk about respect and tolerance.

In a dialogue with the newspaper El Tiempo, Botia Miranda says that Christianity has become a list where “they say: ‘don’t drink, don’t smoke, don’t play (have sex), don’t wear'”. The pastor says he struggles to assert the freedom that Jesus gave us.

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Botia Miranda, gay and pastor in Bogotá / El Tiempo


His “pastorate” has been the subject of controversy, controversy and positive and negative comments. Botia Miranda was born in Villavicencio and says that she never thought of being a pastor and that she always imagined living in building houses and fetching water for the benefit of the most needy, she wanted to be a missionary. However, life took charge of showing him that his plan was with the missions, but from the pulpit.

The pastor says he began his “Christian life” at age 13 and joined the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, better known as the Mormon church. There, according to Botia, he hoped to find a “spiritual home” that would bring him closer to God and allow him to “live his faith”.

When he was about to turn 20, Jhon moved to Bogotá and a paradox was created in his life: the church he attended was very conservative and he had a “complicated internal struggle”.

He says he started to question whether he was the only homosexual who believed in God and, to solve his mystery, decided to create a group of Christians who would talk about their lives. In these spaces he met his current companion who invited him to the Methodist Church that he currently “pastors”.

El Tiempo

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