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A gay digital influencer from Mexico is making headlines after a recent TikTok video went viral, says Out magazine.

In the video, Henry Jimenez invited his mother to the next wedding with her fiance. But instead of receiving the news, she called her son a sinner who was making her sicker and would be the cause of his death.

The touching call left Jimenez and the audience in tears.

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“You broke my heart in a thousand pieces”, Jimenez’s mother can be heard on the call.

Jimenez is a 21-year-old photographer and influencer from southern Mexico. Earlier this month, he posted moving photos and videos of his wedding boyfriend under a glacier on a trip to the North Pole.

“The easiest YES in my life”, he wrote about his now fiancé Kasey Kerbox. “I love you with all my heart.”

The happiness of the moment was destroyed when Jimenez invited his mother to the wedding. He knew she didn’t approve of her sexuality and Kerbox, but he transmitted the call anyway, without thinking that she would look so slimy.

“I can’t believe you’re serious”, she said. “Do you know that this is a sin in the eyes of God?”

Jimenez was taken aback by his homophobic explosion. As the call progressed, his shoulders fell and he rubbed his watery eyes. He fought back tears as his mother continued to attack him.

“You make me sicker than I already am”, she exclaimed at one point, adding later that Jimenez’s sexuality would be the cause of his death.


Although the video is painful and difficult to share publicly, Jimenez said a young man’s message made it easier to understand.

“This, as I said, IS VERY DIFFICULT for me to share, but today I received a message from a child saying how inspired he was after watching this and told his parents his biggest secret”, he wrote. “It makes me very happy and makes it all worthwhile.”

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