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Jack the Lad (19), stage name of Briton Cameron Cook on the social network OnlyFans, was asked on TikTok about what his mother thought of him working with the social network for over 18 years. To answer the question, he recorded a video with his own mother and posted it on Twitter.

“Are you proud of me?” – he asks.

“Of course I am proud!” – she replies – “I’m your number one fan. I made this d1ck! I want a percentage! “ – continues. Both also say that with OnlyFans money they were able to buy a big television and also get a driver’s license.

Cook‘s mother’s comment had a positive impact on the social network, with many congratulating her for being a person without prejudice and with such an attitude “regain faith in humanity”.

“This is beautiful! I love to see families supporting sex workers” – said the account @squxxxsh on Twitter – “This is pride” – said Dragon Puppy III.

For those who are over 18 and want to enjoy some of his nudes,just follow him on Twitter [NSFW].

Mother about son being on OnlyFans says: “I made this neca, I want my percentage

What is OnlyFans?

The social network OnlyFans lets people publish their content in the style of Instagram, but people subscribe monthly to access posts, which usually have erotic and pornographic content, whether with images or videos. Members can charge from $ 2.00 to $ 20.00 and the company gets 20% of the amount raised.

It was founded in 2011 by Fenix International Limited and was initially focused on famous artists. The business model has always aimed at allowing fans to become subscribers to a monthly fee to view clips and photos. OnlyFans monitors users and investigates complaints, while copyright issues are addressed through the DMCA.

It is worth mentioning that some famous actors are also there, as is the case of Daniel Newman, Vampire Diaries and The Walking Dead; Elite Tyler Posey; and even Michael B. Jordan said that one day he will createan account there.

Este post também está disponível em: Português Español

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