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Prosecutors of the Federal Public Ministry of the group specializing in Citizens’ Rights, asked the Attorney General of the Republic, Augusto Aras, to investigate Jair Bolsonaro for the homophobia crime. The information came from Huffpost Brazil.

The request was released on Friday, November 13, and responds to the representation presented by PSOL parliamentarians in October. The crime committed was the case of Maranhão, in which he took Guaraná Jesus and said “Now I will become an ox like a person from Maranhão, is that it? Look at the pink guaraná of Maranhão. Whoever takes this guaraná becomes Maranhão”.

Shortly thereafter, Bolsonaro made another homophobic comment: “Guaraná rose from Maranhão, fucked up. Fucked up. It’s ‘faggot’.”

MP prosecutors want Bolsonaro to be investigated for homophobia

Federal attorney for Citizen’s Rights, Carlos Alberto Vilhena, said that Bolsonaro’s speech enters into the crime of racism by manifesting himself in an offensive manner not only to LGBTs people, but also to Maranhão.

“The conducts narrated there constitute, at least in theory, the crime of racism – typification in which homophobic and transphobic conducts fall, as decided by the Federal Supreme Court (STF)” – says Vilhena.

The representation filed by PSOL on October 30 says that Jair Bolsonaro is denounced for “repeated and persistent homophobic stance“, which constitutes a common and responsible crime. In addition, it is also based on the recent decision of the Supreme Court that equated LGBTphobia with the crime of racism, being unreliable and imprescriptible, with a penalty of up to three years in prison.

Bolsonaro, on his return to Brasilia after his trip to Maranhão on October 29, said that the speech was just “a joke”.

“If someone was offended, I’m sorry, I played a game with the color of guaraná Jesus, which is pink. And the game I played was not for television, I was with a guy there. I spoke a few stretches, and they announced it as if I was offending the people of Maranhão. The evil is there. ”

More recently, Bolsonaro was again the subject of controversy, saying that Brazil must stop being “a country of sissies“.

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