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Hand of a gay man, Bahian psychologist Olivia Bustani created a project to help parents understand and accept their children’s gender identity and sexual orientation. The name of the welcoming, listening and sharing experience is “Children outside the box, parents outside the closet”. The information is from the newspaper A Tarde.

The meetings are virtual, due to the pandemic. The psychologist dialogues with family members to understand their anxieties and make them realize that acceptance of the child is the only way to have him “in full”, explained Olivia to the newspaper.

“It gives me great happiness to see the evolution of these mothers and fathers, how they are breaking free and seeing their children with different eyes”, he said.

Personal experience

Olivia says that the experience at home made her realize that she thought she understood the issues of sexual orientation and gender identity, but in reality, she did not understand.

When her son, actor Vinícius Bustani, came out gay, she got scared and said she supported him in his choices. “Then he said to me, ‘This is the first thing you are going to have to learn, mom, it is not a choice. Nobody chooses to be gay. ‘ From then on we started a whole dialogue and I was able to be clear about how ignorant I was, of ignorance about the subject “, commented the psychologist.

” He, as an actor, did the play ‘Child injured or how I was told I was gay’ to talk to the public. After that, I also began to realize how many young people suffer from this issue and, from then on, I became interested and saw how liberating it is for us to understand and love our children completely “, Olivia said.

For more information about the ‘Children out of the box, parents out of the closet’ project, visit the psychologist’s Instagram: @oliviabustani.

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